Broomdasher Join The Cider Drinkers

Broomdasher will start 2019 at the free Apple Yowling Ceremony at the Ferry Boat Inn, Ferry Lane, Walthamstow on Saturday 19 January.

The 17th century pub is next to the oldest apple orchard in Waltham Forest and each January celebrates an ancient folk tradition to ensure a good apple harvest – and strong, plentiful, tasty cider - later in the year!

It was every farmer’s duty to supply his workers with drinks at all times, from very weak brews for everyday consumption, to really strong ales for special occasions like  harvest supper, the end of sheep shearing and Christmas.

Giving bread and cider to the good spirits of the orchard and singing to drive out the evil spirits is not only an important ritual, it’s also a great excuse to sing along and enjoy spiced cider.

The Ceremony at the Ferry Boat was revived several years ago by Katy Andrews and starts late afternoon with a huge crowd singing and dancing outside. Then everyone moves into the pub for a singaround.   Come along and get the year off to a rousing start. Cheers!!

More Info on facebook @yowlingferryboat