Broomdasher at "The Y" To Welcome Harvest

Broomdasher return to “The Y” at Central YMCA in Great Russell Street, London with a show to celebrate the Harvest on Thursday 20 September at 7pm.

The six-voice acapella group, who sing traditional English folk songs, hosted the first folk evening at the venue with their “Wake Up the Sun” show on the Spring Equinox and following the success of that evening, they’re back with a special “Harvest Moon Time” for the Autumn Equinox.


And they will be singing songs from their debut CD Nothing To Do With Me, which is released this month.


The record has been inspired by the mentoring and support Broomdasher has received in from several well known names in the folk world in its first year. It was produced by Andy Seward, producer of Coope Boyes and Simpson and Kate Rusby; contains Rufford Park Poachers arranged for them by Barry Coope and their arrangement of How High The Price/All Clouds The Sky“ gifted” to them by John Tams.


“After our Spring show, we went on to enjioy the best serasonal weather ever – so let’s hope the harvest is equally good!” said the singers.


Broomdasher will be supported by The YMCA Community Choir and there will be a singaround in the first half, with floor singers welcome.