New Broomdasher Album Celebrates Vaughan Williams Birthday And Tour

Ingrave Epihany features the songs from the concerts – including the From Pub to Pulpit transitions which end with singers, musicians, the cathedral choirs, the organ and the whole congregation raising the roof by joining in hymns.

Vaughan Williams was a well-known collector of folk songs, and he borrowed folk song tunes he collected from labourers around the country for the tunes of some of the best-known hymns in the 1906 English Hymnal he edited.

The album includes The Murder of Maria Marten which turns into I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say; Brisk Young Farmer which becomes Tis Winter Now the Fallen Snow and Our Captain Calls which provides the rousing climax, He Who Would Valiant Be, recorded at Cathedrals around the country.

The 20-date tour of Cathedrals, Minsters and Significant Churches with the trio Coracle continues until July 2023 and has been named a Highlight of the Vaughan Williams Festival Year by The Times; The Guardian; The Daily Telegraph and Gramophone magazines.

The album title reflects the moment when Vaughan Williams, having had Bushes and Briars sung to him by 74-year-old labourer George Potiphar in the village of Ingrave in Essex, first realised that folk songs captured the very essence of England.

Track Listing:

Ingrave Epiphany

  • Spencer the Rover: Collected from Mr and Mrs Truell in Gravesend, Kent in 1904. (Richard and Broomdasher)
  • Linden Lea: Poem by William Barnes set to music by RVW in 1901. His first published piece. (Deena, Jo and Richard. Richard on recorder)
  • Lovely on the Water: Collected from Mr Hilton in South Walsham, Norfolk in 1908. (Jo and Broomdasher)
  • Lowlands of Holland: RVW edited a version originally collected by George Gardiner from Mr Bone in Medstead, Hampshire, published in 1909 (Margaret, Deena and Jo)
  • The Ploughboy’s Dream: Collected from Mr Garman in Forest Green, Surrey in 1903. (Richard and Broomdasher)
  • Bushes and Briars: Collected from Mr Potiphar in Ingrave, Essex. The first song he collected. (Margaret)

From Pub To Pulpit

  • Kingsfold: The Murder of Maria Marten/I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Collected from Mr Booker in Kingsfold or a neighbouring village in Sussex in 1904. (Chris and Broomdasher)
  • Danby: Brisk Young Farmer/Tis Winter Now the Fallen Snow Collected from Mr Denny at Billericay Workhouse, in April 1904. (Jo and Broomdasher)
  • Monks Gate: Our Captain Calls/He Who Would Valiant Be Collected from Mrs Verrall from Monks Gate in Sussex in 1904. (Chris and Broomdasher)

(Folk Songs Arranged by Richard Cryan and Broomdasher. Hymns Arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams)

Recorded at SilverHammer Productions Studios, London.
Produced by Max Gale, SilverHammer Productions.
Mastered by Ed Bersey at Sylvafield Studios, Shaftesbury, Dorset.
Live Recordings by Ed Bersey at Cathedrals and Churches around the country.
Cover Illustration by Deena Marcus-Jedamzik

With Thanks to The Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust for their support, both financial and spiritual

© 2023 Clean Sweep Records CS0122

The CD is £10 and available at all the concerts on the 2023 tour and at Broomdasher - Home

Current 2023 dates: Feb 11 Coventry Cathedral; Mar 4 Chelmsford Cathedral; May 20 Brecon Cathedral; June 8 Huddersfield Town Hall (Kirklees Year of Music); June 9 Leeds (Workshops only); June 10 St Silas Blackburn (with Blackburn Music Society); June 17 St Thomas Kendal (with the Cumbria Festival Chorus); July 1 All Saints Hove (With The Vaughan Williams School of Music and Brighton Voices); July 27 Gloucester Cathedral (Three Choirs Festival with The Festival Chorus). Croydon Minster (Date TBC)

Broomdasher are: Chris Hayes, who worked with Skinny Lister and was a member of London Lubbers and The Hogeye Men; Deena Marcus-Jedamzik, who was taught by and played alongside Leon Rosselson; Josephine Swinhoe, classically trained by Vaughan Williams protégé John Carol Case; Margaret Moore, an actress and member of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble and Richard Cryan, a member of Dorten Yonder and formerly a regular on BBC Radio Derby as half of The Moonshine Duo