Broomdasher is a six-voice a Capella group singing traditional English folk songs, whose powerful harmonies and sensitive arrangements have earned them top line gigs and enthusiastic support and guidance from leading singers in the folk world.   

Their debut in 2017 produced an astonishing response, with the group being immediately re-booked by folk clubs and festivals where they performed. They also impressed several of the country's top folk artistes, including John Tams and Coope, Boyes and Simpson, who invited them to be the support act on major tours dates and then gifted songs from their own repertoire for the group to arrange in the Broomdasher style.

Individual Broomdashers had previously performed in various other groups and at many prestigious venues before they met at Cecil Sharp House, where they created Broomdasher, originally as a group of varying size depending on the venues.

By the end of the year they were singing to sold out houses at London Folk Clubs. And they had also decided to perform in future with six core voices, to give more clarity and distinction to their harmonies and arrangements.. 

Here's what people say about  Broomdasher:

  • "Exquisite arrangements, superb voices, outstanding harmonies," Lester Simpson
  • “A great balance of voices". Barry Coope
  •  “Simply superb”. South Downs Folk Festival
  • “Brilliantly evocative – don’t change a thing”. John Tams
  •  “Wonderful sound for a Festival afternoon”. Moseley Folk Festival
  • "I knew you were good - but that was AMAZING!" New Cross Folk Club
  • "As the season's opener, that went VERY well," The Ram Folk Club
  • "Truly Brilliant - an inspirational and joyful performance!" Folk at The Y, London