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Broomdasher’s six unaccompanied voices sing traditional English folk songs of love; loss; protest; celebration and fun. 

Their debut appearances last year saw them re-booked everywhere they performed and some of the country’s most respected folk artistes have guided their progress and gifted them songs.

They may be a new name, but between them they had an impressive pedigree before coming together.

Deena, Chris and Margaret were original members of the Cecil Sharpe House Choir in 2008 – Huw and Jo joined later – and they’ve sung at festivals in the UK and overseas with the likes of Sam Lee and Lisa Knapp. Deena was taught by Leon Rosselson and sang in a group with him in Paris. Chris is a founder member of Sea Shanty Festival favourites Hog Eye Men and the London Lubbers with Matthew Crampton and also worked with Skinny Lister. Jo was taught by revered baritone John Carol Case, renowned for his work with Vaughan Williams, and she has sung in notable concert halls including Edinburgh’s Usher Hall. Richard sings with Dorten Yonder and was half of Radio Derby regulars The Moonshine Duo.

After Broomdasher supported Coope Boyes and Simpson at their farewell gig, the trio gave them their whole repertoire from which to choose songs to sing with six voices. Barry Coope arranged Rufford Park Poachers for their debut CD Nothing To Do With Me. John Tams gifted them How High the Price/All Clouds the Sky for the CD when they supported him at The Ram.

The CD features tracks gifted by Coope Boyes and Simpson and John Tams and is produced by Andy Seward, best known for producing Kate Rusby; Coope Boyes and Simpson and The Radio Ballads. And there’s a guest appearance by gypsy legend Levi Smith, courtesy of Topic Records