Broomdasher's Maiden Voyage For Tams' Seafaring Gift

BROOMDASHER WILL bring a seafaring treat to the South Downs Folk Festival this month when they sing two songs that have been “gifted” to them by John Tams, especially for their performances at the Festival.

The 16-voice acapella group from London count John among their admirers and he suggests one of his songs which is in keeping with the venues where they’re singing, for them to arrange in their own traditional style.

So they will be premiering “How High The Price/ All Clouds The Sky” during their shows at The Regent Studio at 2.15 and The Sir William Hardwicke at 3.30 on Saturday 23 September.

“The songs are both about the perils of the sea and how badly deep sea fishermen used to be treated, and we think they’re poignant and moving,” say the group, whose website is

And they’ll know what John thinks of their arrangement, too, because they are supporting him at The Ram Folk Club in Thames Ditton on 15 September, when they’ll sing it to him and no doubt pick up some composer’s suggestions from him.

Conceived at Cecil Sharp House, where they met, born at Moseley Folk Festival, where they made their debut, and now being nurtured by a clutch of notable artistes – Chris While and Julie Matthews, Roy Bailey and Ray Hearne are also “gifting” songs from their repertoires – Broomdasher have been sweeping up fans wherever they’ve performed.

And if you want to join them, they’re hosting a singing and harmony workshop for adults led by their renowned musical director Sally Davies in the Tent at Place St Maur next to The Regent Centre from 10.30 til 11.30.


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