Broomdasher Set Sail With John Tams' Endorsement

Broomdasher will have the wind in their sails at the South Downs Folk Festival this weekend after John Tams’s resounding endorsement of their newly arranged version of two of his songs especially chosen by him for Bognor.

They sang “How High the Price/All Clouds the Sky" when they supported John and Barry Coope (of Coope Boyes and Simpson) at the famous Ram Folk Club last Friday.

“It’s lovely, I wouldn’t change a thing…. It’s your song now” said John, “I hope your audiences at South Downs really enjoy it”.

Barry added: “There’s a lovely balance of voices”,  and he said he was looking forward to hearing Broomdasher again when they support Coope Boyes and Simpson’s final London gig, at New Cross Folk Club on 5 October.

The 16-voice acapella group from London count John among their admirers and he suggests one of his songs which is in keeping with the venues where they’re singing, for them to arrange in their own traditional style.

“The songs are both about the perils of the sea and how badly deep sea fishermen used to be treated, and we think they’re poignant and moving,” say the group, whose website is

Broomdasher have enjoyed a whirlwind year since they first got together last September  – and as well as supporting John and Coope, Boyes and Simpson, they are headlining their own gigs at the Harrison Folk Club in Kings Cross on 10 October and Loughton Folk Club in Essex on 19 October.

You can hear them at 2.15 at The Regis Studio and 3.30 at The William Hardwicke on Saturday. And if you want to join in with them, they’re hosting a singing and harmony workshop for adults led by their renowned musical director Sally Davies in the Tent at Place St Maur next to The Regent Centre from 10.30 til 11.30.


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