Broomdasher Return To Roots In Yorkshire

Singing in Unity brings together Broomdasher's traditional songs from the South and Ray’s contemporary songs, poems and stories from the North in a special show that aims to recreate the atmosphere of a folk club in the community theatre. There'll be lots of opportunities to sing along - and local folk club floorspot singers are being invited to open both halves of the the show.

Most of Broomdasher were born or lived in Yorkshire before moving to London. Deena was born in Leeds, taught by Leon Rosselson and sang with him in Paris. She, Chris and Margaret, who lived in Huddersfield, were original members of the Cecil Sharpe House Choir – Huw who lived in Hull, and Jo from Sheffield joined later.  Jo was taught by revered baritone John Carol Case, who worked with Vaughan Williams, and has sung in major venues including Edinburgh’s Usher Hall. Richard, from Bolsover, is with Dorten Yonder and was half of Radio Derby regulars The Moonshine Duo. Chris is a founder of Sea Shanty Festival favourites Hog Eye Men, London Lubbers with Matthew Crampton and also worked with Skinny Lister.

They made their debut as Broomdasher last year and have been re-booked everywhere they've performed. Some of the country’s most respected folk artistes have guided their progress and gifted them songs since then.  After Broomdasher supported Coope Boyes and Simpson at their farewell gig, the trio gave them their whole repertoire from which to choose songs for themselves. John Tams gifted them How High the Price when they supported him at the famous Ram Folk Club in Thames Ditton.

Broomdasher’s debut CD Nothing To Do With Me was produced by another Yorkshireman, Andy Seward, best known for producing Kate Rusby; Coope Boyes and Simpson and The Radio Ballads. said: “Featuring some glorious harmonies and finely crafted arrangements, it’s an impressive calling card to bolster and expand their already flouring live reputation.”